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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Traditional schooling or Online Schooling

            Recently more individuals are participating on online schooling. Consequently, a debate has occurred on if traditional or online education is better. In reality, the best method depends on the student. Some people are self-paced, independent individuals, and others need face on face contact. Moreover, the best style of education depends on the personality of individuals, their beliefs, and their condition. Society consists of extroverted and introverted individuals. Additionally, some circumstances require a person to stay home from school a lot because sicknesses, jobs, or constant moving. In those cases, online schooling would be the best method. However, if I had to pick one method of teaching I would say that the customary method is better than the online because of social skills, more help, and increased focus.
            Teachers help their students more under a traditional teaching rather than online schooling through contact with the students. This interaction allows the educators to demonstrate to the children what they are learning. Additionally, the students are able to ask more questions when the instructors are present. Classical teaching helps more for the future than online schooling by allowing students to develop social skills. Most jobs involve individuals, an employer, and customers that the employer must adequately communicate to in order to maintain a job. Moreover, in a traditional classroom setting, students are not only able to communicate with associates their age, but they present projects in front of the class, which many adults also have to do for their jobs. Furthermore, this method allows teachers to make sure students are doing their work during class. Some of my peers fall behind in their online classes because their teachers are not watching over them, which causes them to get distracted easily. However, in a classroom setting the teachers can help the students stay focus.

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